Worm Consultation Call with Meme

Sale price$75.00

Call Time: 60 Minutes

Are you interested in starting your own worm-farming business or expanding your knowledge in the industry? Book a call with Meme (aka Samantha), the seasoned expert in the world of worm farming.

During the call, Samantha will answer your questions and share her extensive knowledge and experience in worm farming, covering topics such as:

  • The basics of worm farming, including setting up a worm farm and selecting the right species of worms
  • Best practices for feeding and caring for your worms
  • How to harvest and use worm castings in gardening and farming
  • Marketing and selling your worm products

Samantha's experience in worm farming has helped countless individuals and businesses succeed in the industry. Her practical tips and insights are sure to help you achieve your goals and grow your worm farming business.

The call will be held via phone or video call (your preference) and you will have plenty of opportunities to ask questions and discuss your specific needs and challenges. We'll reach out after your purchase to find a time to setup the call.