Worm Castings

Did you know that earthworm castings are 50% richer in humus and organic matter than what is present in topsoil? Pure earthworm castings are one of the best, most organic means to enrich the soil.

The worm castings contain a mix of bacteria and enzymes that promote healthy germination of plants and make them more absorbent to nutrients. These worm castings also create space for soil aeration that makes it more conducive to water retention. This means that your plants will have greater access to moisture through the soil.

At MeMe’s we’ve got 100% pure earthworm castings for sale. And by 100% we mean that our pure earthworm castings are not mixed, composted or diluted in any form. 

E-Mail us for bulk purchases. Available at $600 per ton (2 cubic yards) plus shipping.