Live Delivery Guarantee & Conditions

Our live delivery guarantee has the following conditions:

  • You must be home to receive the worms or notify us to add a "Hold at Post Office" notice to the package.
  • We do not guarantee a live delivery if they are left in a mailbox or on the porch, so please let your postman know you are expecting them. 
  • No refunds for Worms if DOA as we will replace the dead ones once.
  • We must receive notification of a dead shipment within two hours of delivery with an accompanying video or images. Contact us here.
  • If your shipping address changes after you place the order, the live guarantee is void.
  • We will reship only once at our cost.
  • There are no refunds for worm shipments.
  • To submit a DOA Order Claim please visit our Claims Page.

** As of December 6th, 2023 Bulk Worms are included in our Live Delivery Guarantee.

How We Ship:

  • We ship via USPS Priority Mail. All orders will be shipped on Monday if ordered before Sunday prior we will ship on Tuesday if all orders could not be shipped on Monday. Bulk orders will ship Mondays and Tuesdays Only.
  • Your worms will usually be delivered within 2 -3 days anywhere in the continental United States once shipped.
  • We reserve the right to withhold shipments due to extreme weather.
  • Our system will send out an email with tracking information within 12 hours of shipment if you provide an email when you place your order online. Please keep an eye out for this email.
  • Our worms are packed in breathable bags and shipped in corrugated cardboard shipping boxes. They are clearly marked LIVE WORMS / PERISHABLE.
  • Your worms will be bagged in dry peat moss. They may be smaller and slightly dehydrated when they arrive. They will regain up to 30% more weight after you rehydrate them.
  • Non-worm shipments may be via any carrier and could arrive any day of the week.