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Compost & Garden Worms

From Pure Eisenia Fetida Red Wigglers, to European Nightcrawlers and Indian Blues, we grow high-quality worms for gardens and composting.

What kind of worms do you need?

Buy one type or a mix, depending on what you need. For general composting, we recommend the the Starter Colony for new composts or the Composting Red & Blue mix for established composts.

Red Wigglers

Red wiggler worms offer a sustainable way to reduce organic waste. Red Wigglers are especially effective at breaking down organic material producing nutrient-rich compost for healthier soil. A perfect choice for eco-friendly composting.

European Nightcrawlers

European Nightcrawlers are worms popular for their ability to convert organic material into enriched compost. Their excellent nutrient-rich makeup helps plants grow stronger and healthier. An ideal worm for organic fertilization, these worms also make for a great fishing bait.

Indian Blues

Indian Blue Worms, also known as Perionyx Excavatus, are a species of earthworms native to India and other tropical regions. These worms are extremely resilient and able to withstand a wide range of environmental conditions, making them an excellent choice for composting and other bioremediation activities.


Common questions about composting worms