The Best Way to Grow Your Worm Business: a Farmer’s Perspective.

The Best Way to Grow Your Worm Business: a Farmers Perspective. Meme's Worms

The Best Way to Grow Your Worm Business: a Farmer’s Perspective. 

This article was written by my good friends Heath and Erin LaFavers (Ozark Worm Farm.) Thank You!


There is so much information out there about the newly rediscovered and exciting industry of worm farming. Many people remember the days of growing worms for bait in an old bathtub to use for fishing. With the advent of social media and the internet, worm farming has taken on a newfound excitement in recent years. 

More interest has stemmed around not just the worms themselves, but the poop that the worms produce. When worms consume food waste and organic matter the food travels through their gut and they produce poop. The poop they produce, known as worm castings (also vermicompost or vermicast), can be used to amend garden soil and produces amazing results. 

It can also be seen that there is more and more need for sustainable solutions to help in growing the world’s food.  With uncertainty in supply chains, increases in fertilizer expenses around the world, and people looking for more sustainable methods of food production it’s no wonder people are getting back to the basics and looking at the simple worm. It is so amazing learning about all the potential uses for worms as we look for more sustainable solutions for the future. And with very little input in food costs - you can produce something that benefits the planet and has the potential to be financially lucrative.  

Are you a worm farmer (or soon to be worm farmer) trying to get off the ground but are having trouble kickstarting your business?  We’ve got a solution for you.  

Our Problem:

Hi there! My name is Heath. My wife and I own and operate Ozark Worm Farms, LLC out of Searcy, Arkansas for a little over a year now. One of the problems we faced early on as a smaller startup worm farm was having enough product. We weren’t always able to keep enough worms in our bins to deliver what our customers wanted. There’s no greater feeling than starting your own business and having others interested in your product and vision. This excitement can be stifled very quickly when you have to put up these three words on your website: out of stock.  These are words you never want to have for your customers.  If they can’t buy from you then they’ll just go to someone that has what they need, which means you’ve just lost a customer. 


How you can solve this problem while growing your business.  

How to solve it: 

What we’ve found through working with Meme’s Worm Farm is that we have a helpful ally.  Meme’s Worm Farm will help to supply worms to your customers in the event that you don’t have enough product or if you’re looking to grow your own population   while not missing out on sales opportunities. Rather than placing an out of stock sign on your website, simply link to her site following the instructions listed here.

Do you have a worm or garden-friendly website but don’t want to have to personally deal with all the hassles of worm sales yourself?  Meme’s provides a way for you to offer your customers product (and make a commission) without diverting your attention away from whatever the main focus is of your site. 

To buy worms go here


With all the resurgence of worm farming and search for more natural solutions to growing food, it is an exciting time to start a worm farming business.  It can be hard to get off the ground and expand your operation.  Small farms need help too.  Let meme’s be your ally. Sign up to be a worm affiliate   today. Take it from me who has benefitted from having someone on my side as I’ve grown my business into what it is today.

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