How to hatch Red Wiggler Cocoons

How to hatch Red Wiggler Cocoons Meme's Worms

 Red Wiggler Cocoons

What you need to know on how to hatch Red Wiggler Cocoons

Meme's Worms


 I get asked all the time how do you set up my bins to hatch your cocoons? First I start with a mortar tray (you can buy them at lowes click here.)

 Then I like to use coco coir or peat moss. 


Once you decide which bedding you like fill the mortar tray with about 2" of the bedding. Then add water until it is very moist (no standing water) but very moist 70-80%. Keep the bedding this moist until your worms are adults. We like to run our beds moister than a wrung-out sponge but never in standing water. 

Once you have the bedding and the water added, you now put in some manure. It can be horse, cow, dairy, rabbit, or most any other manure. Be careful with chicken manure it can get really hot. but a teaspoon won't hurt. Water that in until it's as moist as the bedding. You can add apples, banana peels or watermelon. Make sure to cover them up. 

Now add the worm cocoons. It really doesn't matter how many at this point because you can divide once they begin to hatch. 

Now, wait in a few days up to 3 weeks you should start to see little baby worms. Once you see worms just keep an eye on the moisture and you can start adding food. I use manures as I can use them as bedding and food at the same time. 

If you need worms Memes Worms has you covered!! 


samantha aka Meme

I would use about an inch to start. Yes fresh is fine, be careful if it has a lot of urine in it. Cocoons can be anywhere in the bin just keep them moist.


How much of a ‘cooler’ manure, such as rabbit, would you add to start? And is rabbit manure ok to use fresh? Also, should the cocoons be buried slightly? Meant to ask one question but one turned to 3. Thank you!

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