Advantages of European Nightcrawlers

Advantages of European Nightcrawlers Meme's Worms

The advantages of European nightcrawlers are that they can reproduce and grow faster, have a higher survival rate, have a larger amount of eggs they can lay per pound of live weight, and can be used for fish bait. European nightcrawlers have no odor, unlike red worms. They require lower moisture levels and are very tolerant of heat. Unlike red worms, they won't burrow into gravel, but will consume decaying material on the bottom of your garden bed. These worms also don't burrow into the soil like redworms, so you can put them directly in your garden without having to worry about them disturbing your garden soil.

European Nightcrawlers are the best earthworms for bait. They can be fished with or without a fishing weight; they will move on top of the surface when it rains and sink when it doesn't. One European Nightcrawler is equal to several red worms or larger nightcrawlers, they fight harder, live longer, swim better and are easier to keep alive than other earthworms. Nightcrawlers can be an excellent method of bait as well as a very viable method of worm stocking. The European nightcrawler is widespread in many areas, but some states have quarantines or limits on the species due to environmental concerns.

Feeding your worms all year round can be a tedious task. These European Nightcrawlers will make the job much easier, as they are voracious eaters, needing 3 times the amount of feed to grow and reproduce at the same rate as redworms. Because of their size, they are also able to breed faster than red worms. These species are highly preferred due to their larger size and superior breeding techniques. The live weight can range from a pound up to three pounds.

Nightcrawlers are a species of earthworm used extensively in commercial applications and as bait. They are also used for fishing and composting. Their value as composters is due to the large volume of castings produced per worm, and when given adequate food sources they can reproduce quickly. At Meme’s Worms, we offer European nightcrawlers that you can use for bait or composting. 



If you want fish bait, raise this worm.

Frederick Fyfe

Can you feed Euros sprouted wheat or lentils?

Michael Morris

Great information on European Nightcrawler.

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