Composting Worms in Georgia

Composting Worms in Georgia Meme's Worms

Now that you have learned a little bit about worms, wouldn’t you like to learn a lot more, like where you could find these interesting insects?

Worms are living creatures that can be found in places like on the earth if you know what I am saying. Worms can be found in the dirt, in the soil where you are plants your beautiful flowers or where you are harvesting the delectable vegetables which you have planted and watered in your fabulous garden.

Worms are pretty much every place you could be looking for. You could find certain types of worms climbing trees or other types of worms living in the ground.

1. You care about the environment and want to recycle your leftover waste products. This is a great reason that will produce less trash and benefit you and the environment. This will also open a few doors to earning money and being able to produce some great fertilizer.

2. You want to make some money. Honestly, this is the reason why I started worm farming. Believe it or not, worms are worth a nice amount of money. Not only are worms worth money but their worm “poo” ( also called casting) is worth a lot of money. You can sell worms on the internet, to local stores, and local fishing shops. Worm castings can be sold almost anywhere even your local Walmart carries them. You will always be able to sell more worms and castings than you can produce. This is great if you're looking to set up a small business with virtually no overhead cost.

3. You love to fish, garden, or just want a good hobby. I know a lot of people who have set up a small worm farm just to supply worms for their fishing trips. I also have friends with small worm gardens that just use the castings in their gardens to make some of the best veggies I have ever eaten.

There are too many reasons to list here on why someone would want to start a worm farm. The best thing about worms farming is: anyone can do it. Even my 9-year-old has a small worm garden in our yard.

If you are looking to start your own worm garden you need the right resources. You can't just jump into it, without knowing what you are doing. There are many different aspects of worm farming. You can get over 5 varieties of worms, hundreds of different compost bins, and over 50 different types of dirt and substrate.

If you need any help, we're more than happy to help you.

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Dwight Mobley

Would like to start a small worm farm for my fishing hobby and sell a few to my fishing buddies. My grand girl loves fishing and likes holding the worms.

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