Meet the Girl Who Plays with Worms!

Meet Samantha!


Hey Folks,

At Meme’s Worms we wanted to start chatting with y'all more often.

Weekly(ish) we will post some information for you that we hope you enjoy. Everything from helpful worm tips and fun worm stuff to do with your kids to a recipe or two every now and then.

We are starting off with a quick Q&A with our own Samantha Flowers, owner of Meme’s Worms.

Q. Samantha, how long have you been working with worms?I have been working with worms since 2017.

A. I got into the worm business because I needed worms. Here in Georgia our bait shop worms are awful. Any time my grandson and I were going fishing it was getting to be pretty pricey too. So I thought why not just grow our own. After I started this little hobby I figured I would see if I could make some money while I was at it. The best part is I can turn it over to my grandson when he gets older.

Q.How have you seen the business change over the past 5-10 years?

A. I've only been in this business for 3 yrs. But I must say 2020 has been a big change. More People are getting into vermiculture than ever before.

Q. What trends do you see the worm industry  heading in the next 5 years?

A. I see it getting much bigger as with the hemp industry gaining momentum

Q.How many pounds of worms do you sell each year?

A.I will probably hit 5000 lbs this year and double next.

Q. Do you have a favorite type of worm?

A My favorite is the European Nightcrawler. They are great composters and much bigger. I like them best to fish with. 

Q Why do most people buy worms (fishing, vermicomposting etc)?

A I think it’s a mix. I usually sell more Euro’s but this year its been the red wiggler.

Q What is something most people don’t know about farming worms?

A I think people think you can start a worm farm and forget about it. I mean how hard can it be. I don’t think they realize the work that goes into a mid to large scale farm.

Q What is your favorite part of your business?

A Having my hands in the worm beds. I just can’t keep my hands out of them.

Q Were you ever freaked out about worms?

A No! I'm not a squamish kind of woman. I killed a snake by myself just yesterday. I’m kinda of a TomBoy.

Q Do you garden or have other farm animals?

A  I have several raised beds. I grow mainly in the spring. We also have chickens and rabbits.

Thanks for taking time to get to meet us!. We would love to get to know you all as well.Feel free to leave us feedback or info you would like to see in future posts in the comments. 

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John Madison Carville II

Hey there Mrs. Meme! My name is Madison Carville and I just wanted to say hello. I was recently in phoenix and stopped by the Arizona worm farm which ended being pretty impressive. Long story short, the gentleman who owns that farm said that on a biological/bacterial point that your castings are hands down the best. I truly do see a future for myself in this field…I was instantly sucked into the YouTube “worm hole”, and have been researching all sorts of different things and methods to be successful. I’m a long way away from making a profit, but this is going to take time to set up properly, but this is something that I’d like to do through retirement and then pass on to my son as well. I’ve said so much now that I don’t feel rt asking any questions at the moment. I just wanted to introduce myself and see if it would be ok to pick your brain about this extremely interesting way of living. Thank you for your time and have a great day! Sincerely, JMCII

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