Oyster Shell Flour

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Oyster Shell Flour is a game-changer for vermicomposting enthusiasts. With its rich calcium content, Oyster Shell Flour promotes overall worm health and vitality, keeping your wriggly friends in top shape. Moreover, the gritty texture of this flour aids in better digestion, as worms have gizzards too. The end result? Superior vermicompost quality, characterized by nutrient-rich worm castings that your plants will thrive on. Elevate your composting game with Oyster Shell Flour and witness the remarkable difference it makes in your garden.

Why Meme's Worms?

When you choose to buy from Meme's Worms, you're fuelling dreams, supporting education, and helping us leave a legacy for the next generation.

How much should I use?

You should use 1 tablepoon per 2lb of worms.

How often should I use It?

Feed your worm bin once a month with Oyster Shell Flour.

Why Should I Use Oyster Shell Flour?

- Neutralizes acidic conditions in the bedding.

- Supplies calcium for the worms' calciferous gland, used to excrete calcium into their crop and neutralize acidic foods, preventing protein poisoning.

- Adds grit for the worms' gullet.

- Supplies calcium for cocoon formation.

- Provides other essential minerals in the worms' diet, which are lacking due to their confinement away from natural soils.

How do I use Oyster Shell Flour?

Add 2 tablespoons of Oyster Shell Flour per 2lb of worms to the top of your worm bins every month. Oyster Shell Flour works best when fed alone. We do not recommend mixing it with other additives.

How do I know if I am using too much?

Signs of overuse may include slow plant growth, nutrient deficiencies (especially in iron and manganese), and nutrient imbalances. You may also notice white crusts or deposits on the soil surface

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