Beginner Composting Bundle

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All you need to start your very first worm bin.

This bundle contains:

1Lb of Pure Red Wigglers, the gold standard for worm composting

A 5 pack of 3L Fabric Grow Bags

A 2 pack of Coco Coir

A Thermometer

 How to Start a Worm Bin Book


How to use your bundle

Set up your Grow Bag

To get started, fill your Fabric Grow Bag about 1/2 full with Coco Coir. Add a thin layer of food scraps, veggie peelings, coffee grounds, fall leaves, etc. finally, a layer of garden soil.

Add your worms

Add your Pure Red Wigglers and feed them with food scraps once every few days.

Check in

After a few days check the temperature of your worm bin using the Thermometer.