How To Choose The Best Worms For Your Compost Bin

How To Choose The Best Worms For Your Compost Bin Meme's Worms

Sure, there are lots of worms in your garden but they aren’t the best options for your compost So how do you know which worm is best for your compost? Well, that's where we come in Below, we break down the two most popular worm types to help you make the best decisions for your soil 

Red Wiggler and European Nightcrawler set the gold standard for compost worms.. These two beauties prefer a compost environment as opposed to plain soil. They are very low maintenance. They feed on vegetable waste, compost, and organic bedding. The castings produced in this way are richer than worms that only feed on plant soil  

Red Wigglers, although smaller (approx 1-1⅕ inches in length)  supply an ideal balance of potash, phosphates, and nitrogen as well as other plant nutrients required by your garden. Another plus for the Red Wigglers is their ability to get to work as soon as you put them in your garden or compost. Red Wigglers tolerate a wide range of temperatures, so they  will happily keep composting in very high temperatures. They can even survive the slightly heated compost by moving to the edges. They are also phenomenal reproducers.

Our next best option is the European Night Crawler. These guys are quite a bit larger averaging 2-3 inches in length. 

Their specialty is thriving and working in almost any soil environment. They are stronger than Red Wigglers and therefore better for larger tougher food scraps that may be harder to break down. 

Their skin is thicker than Red Wigglers, which allows the Euro to withstand dry conditions, penetrate harder grounds and make them quite cold and heat resistant Euros can thrive in your protected compost bin throughout the year.. 

The downside to the European Night Crawlers is that they have a much slower reproduction rate than Red Wiggles and a much shorter life span. 


The bottom line is that you can’t go wrong with either worm. They are both easy to maintain and consume your organic waste. They produce beautiful worm castings and can  help any soil produce better organic quality results  

Whichever worm you decide is best for your garden we suggest  that you should order these worms only during the cool seasons to avoid a high death rate due to the heat. 

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The worm lover behind this post - Kris Moriarty- Blog writer for Meme’s Worms. Making our planet a greener place one garden at a time!

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