Make Your Own Black Gold (or why worm poop is so great)

Make Your Own Black Gold (or why worm poop is so great) Meme's Worms

Three Cheers for Worm Poop

Worm Casting or better known by the more popular term worm poop, are loaded with nutrients and other components that promote healthy, natural, chemical-free plant growth. 

Raised beds, container gardening, or in the ground gardening; no matter which method you prefer, worms create spaces for water and air as they tunnel through the soil. In their wake, they deposit rich manure, or castings, that looks a lot like coffee grounds. These castings are rich in nutrients, including not only the basics but also substances like zinc, copper, manganese, carbon, cobalt, and iron. 

Synthetic fertilizers or animal manure can burn plant roots. However, worm castings won’t burn plant roots. The microorganisms in the castings support healthy soil. They also may discourage root rot and other plant diseases, as well as provide natural resistance to certain pests 

Worm castings make the soil more absorbent, making moisture more consistently available to plants and preventing soil from completely drying out.

Worm castings do amazing things for your garden. They maximize yield by helping plants absorb nutrients  They are rich in micronutrients that help your plants grow in the healthiest of ways, Worm Castings provide an added layer of protection against pests and disease with their microbial activity.

Scientists are also discovering that worms can remove heavy metals and other toxins from soil. Helping to keep your garden soil in stellar condition.

The best part is you can make your own castings at home. (This idea is known as vermicomposting) With vermicomposting, you compost your family's kitchen scraps, which reduces waste in our landfill or sewage system. It is such a win for you and your family and a win for the environment. Plus, it is a really cool science lesson for your kiddos.

No matter where you live you can vermicompost in the smallest of areas. You just need a small worm bin you can keep under your kitchen sink and voila you have castings for your houseplants or small home garden.

Check back next week. We are going to give you a few options for creating or purchasing your own worm bin to accommodate any budget and size. 

Until then Y'all have a good week.

The worm lover behind this post - Kris Moriarty- Blog writer for Meme’s Worms. Making our planet a greener place one garden at a time!

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