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Red Worm, Starter Colony ~ Red Wiggler and European Nightcrawler Mix

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**To reduce the risk of dead deliveries, our worms normally ship on Mondays or Tuesdays with a Friday afternoon order deadline for the upcoming Monday.**

Start your worm composting with this bag filled with 1lb of red wigglers and European nightcrawlers with some of the vermicompost to jump start your bin. These may have some Indian blues mixed in which are great composters.

There will be a mix of babies, juveniles, and adult worms maybe even some cocoons. This is a great economical way to get started fast at a very low cost. In just a few short weeks your worms will grow out into a large amount of large worms.

Diversity in worm species is superior because they work all layers of the compost not just the top few inches. This gives you a better compost faster.