Indian Blue Worms - Perionyx Excavatus

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Indian Blue worms, aka Perionyx Excavatus, is a species of blue worm found in tropics all over the world. As an essential part of the soil ecology, these worms are renowned for their composting and aeration prowess, helping to convert organic materials into nutrient-rich soil for plants and crops. Their unique physiology allows them to remain active year-round, making them perfect for both indoor and outdoor environments. Plus, they won't damage your plants because they consume only decomposing and decaying matter.

Size: 1 lb
How many worms do I need?

You need 1 lb of worms per square foot surface area of your compost.

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These worms are just a couple of inches in length but are incredibly hardy — capable of enduring wide ranges of temperature, humidity, and pH levels, meaning they’re adaptable enough to survive in different habitats.

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