Meme's Premium Worm Chow

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Size: 1 lb

Meme's Premium Worm Chow, made exclusively by Meme's Worms. A unique blend of grains and grasses, plus high-potency additives to make your worms bigger and healthier.

Topping off your composting bin will help ensure your worms are getting all they can eat. No need to add grit, as it's already in our Meme's Premium Worm Chow.

Why Meme's Worms?

When you choose to buy from Meme's Worms, you're fuelling dreams, supporting education, and helping us leave a legacy for the next generation.

How much should I use?

You should use 1Tbsp per 1Lb of worms. Unsure of how many worms you have in your bin? Start with 1Tbsp and work your way up from there. Overfeeding them can lead to unhappy worms.

How often should I use it?

Check on your worms every day or two; when you see them writhing in the last batch of food you fed them, it's time to feed them another. Do not overfeed as this can hurt the worms.

How will the Premium Worm Chow help my worms?

Some people don’t have enough scraps to feed the worms, so it’s a great food source. It’s also loaded with nutrients and protein, so even if you have food scraps, it’s a good idea to have diversity in the worms' diet.

How do I use it?

Measure out 1 Tbsp per 1 pound of worms. Evenly sprinkle the Worm Chow on the top of your worm bin. Spritz the Chow with water to make it damp. Feed again only when the worms have eaten all of the Chow.

Do I use this year-round?

Yes, this a must-have food source, suitable for all seasons, keeping your worms healthy and happy.

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