Meme's Worm Hut

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This continuous flow-through compost system is made of breathable, waterproof, extremely durable fabric with a zipper top.

Does not come with PVC.

Build Your Own PVC Stand:Purchase the 8 corner pieces set. Purchase three 10' lengths of 3/4" schedule 40 PVC pipe. Cut four pieces of 36" pipe for the legs, eight 18" pieces for the top & bottom. Secure the bottom connectors with PVC glue as the Hut is heavy when full.

Set Up:

Fill 3/4 of the Worm Hut with bedding (shredded newspapers & cardboard pieces). Add a Large bag of Worm/Compost mix & cover it with dry bedding material. Keep all bedding nice & damp like a wrung-out sponge.

When feeding, always cover all food scraps with  2" of dry bedding (this helps to prevent fruit fly infestations). The worms generally stay in the upper one-third 'feeding zone' while the castings accumulate in the bottom of the cone-shaped bag.

Harvest in six months' time (1st harvest only) by opening the bottom of the bag & removing the vermicompost into a dish pan. Keep repeating this process every three-four months!

Check out our Instructions! harvesting info too!