Worm Bin Starter Kit

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Get started with everything you need for a worm bin. 

This kit includes;  1 Gently Used Bus Pan (20"x15"x8") from Meme herself, 1 Pack of Coco Coir, 1 Bag of Mushroom Compost, 1 Worm Blanket, 1 Thermometer, 1 Bag of Oyster Shell Flour, 1 Bag of Microbial Food, 1 Bag of Premium Worm Chow, 1lb of Pure Red Wigglers.

Read all about how to set up your new worm bin here

Why Meme's Worms?

When you choose to buy from Meme's Worms, you're fuelling dreams, supporting education, and helping us leave a legacy for the next generation.

How to use your bundle

Set Up Your Bin

Prepare your worm bin and fill the bin with the included brick of Coco Coir. Ensure to moisten the Coco Coir before adding it to your bin. Add two handfuls of Mushroom Compost and mix all the bedding components thoroughly.

Add Supplements

To your bin, sprinkle 1 tablespoon of oyster shell flour evenly over the entire worm bin including the food scraps. Add 1 tablespoon of worm chow evenly over the whole bin. Incorporate 1 tablespoon of microbial food. Rough up the additives to ensure they are mixed in with the bedding.

Introduce Worms & Monitor the Temperature

Once you have added worms to you bin, place your Worm Blanket over the worm bin. Add a thermometer into the bin. The ideal temperature is 55’F to 77’F.