Trommel Screener - Worm Harvester

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Length: Small

Trommels are the gold standard when it comes to simultaneously separating worm castings, worms, and unprocessed coarser material. Spinning at 12 rpm, the trommel screen allows for finer worm castings and vermicompost to drop below the screens.

Worms will cling to the upward-moving end of the trommel, making it easy to harvest both worms and worm castings simultaneously.

The Trommel Screener Worm Harvester is made-to-order in 2-3 weeks from the date of purchase.

Manufactured for Meme's Worms by my good Mennonite friend Richard who uses only the finest materials and his craftsmanship is impeccable! He uses stainless steel screens instead of hardware cloth which will last longer.

check out this short video of the Memes Worm Trommel in Action!

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  • Small - One screen, 9ft long, 4ft wide, 63" high (1/8-in screen) 36" Diameter
  • Medium - Two screens, 13ft long, 4ft wide, 63" high (1/8th-in screen, 1/4-in screen) 36" Diameter
  • Large - Three screens, 17ft long, 4ft wide, 63" high (2 x 1/8th-in screens, 1/4-in screen) 36" Diameter
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