Moderate Composting Bundle

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This bundle is for you if you are currently worm farming and are ready to level up.

This bundle contains:

2lbs of Red Wigglers ( Reds & Blues)the gold standard for worm composting

A Small (48"x16"x12") Fabric Raised Garden Bed

A 6 pack of Coco Coir

1 lb of Premium Worm Chow

A Thermometer

The Worm Farmer's Book.


How to use your bundle

Getting started

To get started, fill your Fabric Raised Garden Bed about 1/2 full with Coco Coir. Add a thin layer of food scraps, veggie peelings, coffee grounds, fall leaves, etc. then add a layer of garden soil.

Add the worms

Add your Red Wigglers to your garden bed and easure out 1 Tbsp per 1 pound of worms. Evenly sprinkle the Worm Chow on the top of your worm bin. Spritz the Chow with water to make it damp. Feed again only when the worms have eaten all of the Chow.

Check in

After a few days check the temperature of your worm bin using the Thermometer. You will also want to check if your worms have eaten all of the Chow. If they have add more to your garden bed.