Hungry Bin Bundle

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Introducing the Hungry Bin Bundle: the perfect solution for effortless organic waste disposal! Featuring an ideal living environment for compost worms, this bundle converts organic waste into quality worm castings and nutrient-rich liquid fertilizer – both of which are easily collected for use in gardens. Enjoy a clean, simple, and efficient way to compost!

This bundle contains

1 Hungry Bin

A 6 pack of Coco Coir

4Lbs of Pure Red Wigglers

1 Worm Blanket

1 Thermometer

How to use your bundle

Set up your Hungry Bin

Build your hungry bin in a shaded area. Place moist bedding material in the bin. For best results, place at least 21 gallons of bedding (3/4 Full) into the bin. This is the equivalent of two bags of compost or potting mix. Moisten bedding until it is as wet as a wrung-out sponge.

Add your Worms

Add your Pure Red Wigglers and feed them with food scraps once every few days. Cover your worms with your Worm Blanket.

Check in

After a few days check the temperature of your worm bin using the Thermometer.