Fishing Bait - European Nightcrawlers

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Fishing Bait - European Nightcrawlers

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Amount: 350 Worms (1 lb)
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About Pure European Nightcrawlers

European Nightcrawlers are like the A-listers in the fishing world. These worms bring the size and some serious moves, making 'em the go-to bait for anglers. Tough as nails, they can hang on the hook and handle different waters like it's no big deal, luring in all sorts of fish.

And guess what? These Nightcrawlers are practically indestructible – easy to stash and low-maintenance, giving anglers a hassle-free option. Their underwater dance is like a fishy magnet, upping your chances for a killer catch. Plus, they won't break the bank, so whether you're a casual angler or a pro, these worms got you covered.

Now, these European Nightcrawlers like it warm, around 70° to 80°F, but they can handle a bit of chill down to 45°F or crank up the heat to 90°F – talk about easygoing! And if you're after the crème de la crème, our European Nightcrawlers from Meme's Worms are 100% pure and pampered with love right here in Valdosta, Georgia. Angler in need of top-notch bait or a green thumb lookin' to spruce up your soil, these Nightcrawlers are the real deal – versatile and effective, just the way we like it down here.

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