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European Nightcrawlers for Urban Worm Customers

We are thrilled to partner with Steve and the Urban Worm Company to provide  European Nightcrawlers to Urban Worm customers! 

The European Nightcrawler, aka eisenia hortensis, is the larger cousin of the Red Wigglers and is an excellent dual purpose worm, great for both composting and as a bait worm.

Your worms will ship for free on Mondays or Tuesdays unless you select Expedited Shipping at checkout!

If you are looking for a pure stock of Red Wigglers aka Eisenia fetida go here 


  • Coupons from Urban Worm Company will NOT work on Memes site. 
  • If you ordered the Urban Worm Bag, Steve does NOT recommend purchasing your worms until after you have received your Urban Worm Bag.
  • The box will arrive via USPS or FedEx in a 7x7x7 box and will be marked "Live Worms."
  • You either must be home to receive the worms or ask your postman to hold the worms at the Post Office.
  • The worms must not be left in a mailbox.
  • We must be notified within two hours of a dead delivery with pictures or video of the dead shipment.
  • European nightcrawlers prefer slightly cooler temperatures than Red Wigglers, so if heat is a concern, please choose Red Wigglers.