Pure European Nightcrawler Composting Worms

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  • These worms read the bottom layer of soil
  • Superior composting worm (Pure Euros only)
  • European Nightcrawlers prefer 70° to 80°F but tolerate 45° to 90°F.

Pure European Nightcrawler Composting Worms

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Amount: 175 Worms (1/2 lb)
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About European Nightcrawlers

Meet the European Nightcrawlers. These tough worms ace it in any climate and turn your kitchen leftovers into compost gold.

Now, they may not be speed demons like the Red Wigglers, but trust me, they're the cool cats who get the job done. These hardy worms are like the Vikings of the compost heap, fearlessly chomping through all kinds of organic waste.

But here's where the party gets wild – their castings are like the VIP treatment for your soil. Packed with nutrients and good-for-you microbes, it's like a spa day for your plants. Picture your garden thriving and thanking these worms for the boost in health.

And it's not just about eating – these Nightcrawlers are the ultimate diggers, creating tunnels like they're building a secret underground city. This fancy burrowing action not only makes them the architects of your compost but also ensures a smooth flow of air and water. Your plants will love the extra breathing room and hydration, leading to a garden party of robust growth and happy roots.

But wait, there's more! These worms are the champions of tough waste. Fibrous leftovers? No problem. They'll break it down into finer particles, fast-tracking the composting process like superheroes on a mission.

So, if you want composting to be a breeze and your plants to throw a party every season, let the European Nightcrawlers do their thing. They're the secret sauce to a garden that's the envy of the neighborhood!

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