Bulk: Red Wiggler Composting Worms (Reds & Blues)

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Do you need a lot of Red Wiggler composting worms? Buy in bulk and save!

Red Wiggler composting worms with some Indian Blue worms are the perfect choice for gardening and composting. These worms are proven to aerate the soil and help turn organic matter into valuable soil-enhancing compost. Perfect for any outdoor garden.

These worms are for composting, with their superior ability to adapt to a wide range of temperatures. Perfect for any type of composting project, red wigglers will get the job done. Red Wigglers prefer 55° to 77°F but can tolerate 40° to 90°F.

  • Bulk Worms are included in our Live Delivery Guarantee. You must purchase overnight delivery "call to set up". Otherwise you will be responsible for  the cost to replace plus shipping.  See live guaranteee policy.

Quantity: Bulk
Amount: 8 lbs
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