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Need a lot of Pure Red Wigglers? Buy in bulk and save!

"Before making a purchase from competitors, it's crucial to ask the right questions. Ensure you're receiving pure Eisenia fetida red wigglers, not a mixed bag of uncertainties. Your composting success depends on it."

  • Live Delivery Guaranteed condions apply. * READ LIVE GUARANTEE POLICY
  • Easy to manage for beginner composters
  • Superior composting worm (Pure Reds only, no Blues)
  • Hardy, preferring 55° to 77°F climates and tolerates 40° to 90°F
  • Bulk Worms are included in our Live Delivery Guarantee WITH CONDITIONS. You must purchase overnight delivery "call to set up". Otherwise you will be responsible for  the cost to replace plus shipping. 
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Quantity: Bulk
Amount: 6,000 Worms (6 lbs)
Live Delivery Guarantee

We guarantee that your worms will arrive alive and happy if you receive them within 2 hours of delivery. Learn more.

About Pure Red Wigglers

Pure Red Wiggler Worms are like the MVPs of breaking down organic waste and cookin' up some nutrient-rich vermicompost. These little guys are pros at adapting to all kinds of spots and breeding like there's no tomorrow, making them the go-to for handling big batches of waste.

The castings they produce are like gold for your soil, boosting fertility and structure for your plants to thrive. And guess what? These red wigglers are perfect for indoor and small-scale composting – effective and just the right size. Our Pure Red Wigglers? Well, they're the real deal, 100% Pure with no blues mixed in.

Now, when it comes to their preferences, these red wigglers like it between 55° to 77°F, but they can tough it out in temperatures from 40° to 90°F. Talk about some adaptable little fellas!

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