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Bulk Eisenia fetida aka 100 % Pure Red Wigglers

We are happy to announce that we finally have our pure stock of Eisenia fetida aka 100 % Pure Red Wigglers.

                  NO SHORTAGE HERE BIG OR SMALL.

If you are looking for a pure stock of Red Wigglers, then look no further! 

 Introducing the majestic Red Wiggler – nature's unparalleled composting artist! This remarkable crawler, also known as Eisenia Fetida, holds the crown for its ability to transform waste into a nourishing banquet.  The mighty red wiggler: a small but exceptional composting champion, these dynamic little worms prevail in a wide spectrum of climates from a cool 55°F to a toasty 90°F. 

Their impressive adaptability doesn't stop there, however – these tiny troopers continue to bristle with tenacity even at a chilling temperature of below 50°F. So, here's to the red wiggler: a tough, resourceful, and versatile worm that makes our planet a little greener in almost any setting!

Our red wigglers are perfect for gardening and composting! Red wigglers, aka Eisenia fetida, are the compost worm best suited to the widest range of temperature conditions! Average 800 - 1000 per lb. 

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