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Alabama Jumpers

**Alabama Jumpers must be held at the post office**

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Although it’s naturally found in Asia, the Alabama Jumper is now famously used across North America as fish bait, garden soil fertilizer, and a major composting tool.

The worm goes by many names, such as Garden worm, Georgia Jumper, Asian Jumper, and Clay worm. They’re typically 7 inches long and reddish-brown in color. The reason they’re called ‘jumpers’ is that they’re famous for their agility and can jump out of your hands in plain sight! 

Unlike their competitors, the Alabama Jumper inhabits the deeper layers of soil and, therefore, isn’t a typical composting worm. But because it eats decomposing vegetative organic matter in the topsoil, it’s used in vermicomposting.

These worms are from the tropics of Asia, so unlike the versatile red wigglers and European nightcrawlers, they aren’t as tolerant of temperature variances and are best suited for warm weather