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Pure Eisenia fetida aka 100% Pure Red Wigglers

Beware of sellers who claim to have pure stock, they may be young Euros' or have other worm species in them.  Shop with someone who knows and grows their own stock.  We are the growers!! Check us out on Youtube 

These are pure stock and will have no other worm in them. They are bed run and healthy!

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Get ready to meet the ultimate composting champion: the remarkable Red Wiggler! Also known as Eisenia Fetida, this little critter reigns supreme in transforming waste into nutrient-rich treasure.

Meet the red wiggler, an extraordinary earth-dweller belonging to the "epigeic" class, a fancy Greek term meaning "on the earth." These adventurous worms aren't the type you'd find in ordinary soil. Instead, they party in leaf litter, cozy up in manure, and nibble on decomposing vegetation – truly living the organic life!

Hailing from Europe, the fascinating Eisenia fetida has settled into North America rather harmoniously! These little critters hold no threat to the environment and are far from being labeled as invasive species.

Imagine a worm that thrives in diverse climates, outperforming its relatives - meet the red wiggler! These tiny, resilient creatures are exceptional at composting, adeptly processing organic waste in wide-ranging temperatures from 55°F to 90°F.

While their larger cousin, the European Nightcrawler, enjoys the cool embrace of high-60°F weather, and African Nightcrawlers bask in warm temperatures between 77°F and 86°F, the adaptable red wigglers soldier on in both extremes.

Their remarkable hardiness even allows them to endure temperatures well below 50°F - they might not perform at their best, but they sure won't back down. Salute the red wigglers for their tenacious spirit and incredible versatility!

These cocoons have a superpower! They can survive extreme cold, putting their hatching on pause until warmer times arrive. Talk about being tough and patient!

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