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Perionyx excavatus aka Blue worm

Perionyx excavatus is a species of blue worm found in many parts of the world mainly the tropics. As an essential part of the soil ecology, these worms are renowned for their composting and aeration prowess, helping to convert organic materials into nutrient-rich soil for plants and crops. Their unique physiology allows them to remain active year-round, making them perfect for both indoor and outdoor environments. Plus, they won't damage your plants because they consume only decomposing and decaying matter.

These worms are just a couple of inches in length but are incredibly hardy — capable of enduring wide ranges of temperature, humidity, and pH levels, meaning they’re adaptable enough to survive in different habitats. To get started, simply add Perionyx excavatus worms to your garden bed or compost heap for almost instant nutrient enhancement! With the help of this remarkable organism, you can start seeing benefits right away like decreased water runoff and enriched soils that both support plant growth and enhance root structure.

So why wait? Get hold of Perionyx excavatus worms today and see what a little blue can do for your garden or composting projects!

May contain some red wigglers.