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Memes Worm Sifter

Meme's Worm Sifter is a must-have when you are sifting worms, cocoons, or castings from compost. You don't have to spend thousands to sift worms. Meme's Worm Sifter takes nearly all the work out of the last stage of vermiculture- increasing the efficiency of worm, cocoon and casting separation, saving you hours of labor, and most importantly, protecting your valuable worms. Suitable for everyone from the new worm farmer to industrial specialists who want to sift custom batches.

Made in the USA

The Large Fits most common wheelbarrows and Large Mortar Trays (however we do NOT guarantee they will fit yours)

The Small Fits small mortar trays (however we do NOT guarantee they will fit yours)

Comes with frame and 2 box screens, 1 ~1/8" screen and 1 ~ 1/4" screen

The Large frame is 35.6" Long and 18.6"Wide

The Small frame is  28.5"x151/8" 

Boxed screens for large are 15.25"x17"

Boxed screens for small are 11x13"

Both boxes are on wheels for smooth, easy operation

Custom- hand-made, partially reclaimed wood