What Do Composting Worms Eat?

What Do Composting Worms Eat? Meme's Worms

Worms eat everything that is dead and organic. They are opportunistic eaters, which means they feast on just about any organic material. It's best to feed them vegetable scraps and newspaper, avoiding meats, fish, animal fats and dairy products. Compost worms require a steady temperature of 55-85 degrees Fahrenheit and plentiful moisture, so make sure their bin is in an area such as a basement that provides consistent humidity (but not too close to a heater).

Worms are an essential part of any composting system. Worms can eat half of their body weight in composting materials every day. They do not have teeth, they eat by secreting a liquid that softens the material around it. They eat all kinds of plant and animal scraps. Remember that too many food scraps in your worm bin will cause the waste to rot quickly and possibly turn a dark, stinky color. It's best to feed wet and dry scraps separately to keep your worm bin clean and healthy over time!

A worm's diet consists primarily of decomposing organic material, such as dead leaves, pellets of plant matter, decaying animal manure and rotten fruit. In this process of decomposition, known as composting, the worm eats its way through a layer of organic matter and then disposes of what is left behind as castings. The castings are composed mainly of sand-sized particles and humus, the end product from the decomposition process.

Worms are not picky eaters. They are omnivores, which means they have a diet that consists of both plants and animals. The best food for worms is leftover fruits and vegetables that you may not have used. In the animal category, you can also offer small pieces of fish, like krill or brine shrimp. Keep in mind that certain foods should never be given to worms because they are toxic (notably citrus fruits).

A worm's diet is as varied as it is healthy. A lot of people are afraid of worms, but when given the opportunity to learn what they eat and how they benefit us, most everyone changes their mind. It has been said that if you want to know how to grow plants and flowers without using chemicals, worms are the way to go.

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