Red Wiggler Reproduction

Red Wiggler Reproduction Meme's Worms

Recognizable by its pinkish-red color, the Red Wiggler is a great microorganism for turning kitchen and yard trimmings into soil food. It is one of the most active earthworms with a great reproductive rate! Reproduction with Red Wigglers is easy and does not require refrigeration. You can begin with one pair of adult wigglers, a newspaper nest,  and some water – mix together in a container, add water until it is submerged and place in your worm bin. Once the Red Wigglers have reproduced you will be able to harvest the worms.

The red wiggler is a great composting worm, and is ideal for compost bins. A 3" to 4" bedding layer of shredded paper provides excellent food for red wigglers. Use a high protein layer, such as coffee grounds, on top of the bedding layer. Add water as needed to keep your worm bin at the correct moisture level for worms: 75 to 85 percent moisture. The red wigglers multiply quickly and can help you turn your kitchen scraps into usable compost.

A healthy population of red wigglers will help to enrich your soil, creating a vital ecosystem. They provide food for other species while aerating the soil and improving its health. And, most importantly, red wigglers create compost. When you start with worms, you'll have fertile soil and bountiful harvests in no time at all.

When one thinks of composting worms, red wigglers are the first that come to mind. This is because they are the best composting worms which convert food waste into fertilizer. You can buy red wiggler worms in bulk at MeMes Worms. We will even ship your new red wigglers right to your door for free in the continental United States.

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