How To Winterize Your Worm Bin

How To Winterize Your Worm Bin Meme's Worms

How To Winterize Your Worm Bin

Fall is here and winter is on the way. Now is the time to start thinking about your worm bin for the winter. 

If your worm bin is indoors in a climate-controlled area, there is no need to worry just keep doing what you are doing successfully.

However, if your bins are outside you will need to prepare for the winter. Here are a few tips you can use to help keep out the cold. 

  • Stack hay stacks around your bin to block the cold wind.

  • Put a piece of plywood over the top and place hay bales over the plywood. 

For Windrows or on-the-ground bins or trenches here are some helpful tips:

  •  Worms in windrows place a large amount of straw over the top to insulate the bed. 
  • Add some extra manure to the pile, Be careful not to fill the whole bed,and leave some gaps for worms to move out if it heats up.
  • Cover with a nursery blanket 

For racks or trays 

  • Use seed matt heaters find here
  • Use extra bedding 
  • Stay on the dryer side, Keep moist but not as moist
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