How to Keep Flies Away From Your Compost

How to Keep Flies Away From Your Compost Meme's Worms

   Flies love worm composting, especially if you are not using a plastic bin. The smell will attract flies and they will leave little presents on the fruit; or, in your finished compost. This article will discuss different ways to keep flies away from a worm bin; and to keep fruit flies out of your finished compost.

   The first line of defense in keeping insects out of your compost bin is to make sure you are not adding any food scraps or other items that will bring them into your worm bin. Worms and fruit flies do not play well together. Flies will lay eggs in the worm compost and then when the worms mature into full size and the compost gets turned, flies will be released into your worm bin. Which is bad because you don't want to have fly larvae in with your worms and you also want to reduce the amount of food you are giving to flies.

   The best way to kill fruit flies in your worm box is by placing bay leaves in the bottom of the crate. After a few days, all the flies are gone and do not return because they hate the smell of the bay leaves. Another way to keep flies away from your worm compost bin or pile, it is recommended to use fruit peelings that can be left out in a cup and collected for composting. Float the cup of fruit peels in the top of your worm bin and they will release vitamins that send the fruit flies packing.

   There are many different ways to keep flies away from your worms. Some people find natural methods to be very effective, such as applying cardboard or citrus peels to their compost bin. Other people find that these methods are not enough and they want a little more protection for their compost, so they choose to use a trap worm compost attractant. This will provide a more controlled environment with the added benefit of having a trap in place in case the flies do break out.

   Get rid of flies for good, and reap the benefits of worm composting. When you keep fruit flies away from your worm compost bin, you not only protect the worms, but also reduce your need to compost in plastic or sealed containers.


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