How to Care for European Night Crawlers

How to Care for European Night Crawlers Meme's Worms

How to Care for European Night Crawlers 

 The European nightcrawler worm is an essential part of the freshwater fishing tackle. This article provides detailed information on how to care for European Nightcrawlers.  
Night crawlers have no eyes, ears, or teeth, but they have three hearts and great appetites to help move around their vast digestive tracts. Because of their popularity as bait, night crawlers are easy to find at bait shops. Yet, in the interest of protecting these valuable creatures from overharvesting, it is important that you learn how to care for them properly. 

 Feeding on a variety of vegetable material, the European nightcrawler is very easy to care for. The worms are typically kept in small containers of moist potting soil and should receive food three times a week. When caring for earthworms for fishing, research has shown us that night crawlers do not like the cold. If you plan on fishing in the early or late spring, fall or winter months, it is best to keep them cool and feature lighting such as fluorescent lighting that is not too hot. An indoor refrigerator out of sunlight will do just fine to cool your worms before a fishing trip. The colder they are the longer they will live and stay alive until you are ready to use them for live bait fishing.  


European Night Crawlers are a species of earthworm and do not require the use of fish food or cornmeal. The worm's health is dependent on moisture, which you can maintain by choosing a clean, moist location in which to store the worm bins. A bin that is overfilled with worms or lacks adequate ventilation will not maintain a healthy environment. Caring for European night crawlers is a very basic process. 

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I learned the hard way, not all worms are created equally. As a fisherman this is your go to worm.

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