How to Break Down Compost

How to Break Down Compost Meme's Worms

Composting is a great way to effectively recycle organic materials and reduce your waste. It takes materials that would normally go into your trash and turns them into valuable garden and plant nutrients. If you're interested in composting at home but aren't sure where to start, this article will give you the information you need to get started! We'll walk you through what materials you can compost and how to get your compost broken down once it's ready for use.

The process of composting is a natural and healthy way not only to dispose of your kitchen waste, but fertilize your indoor or outdoor garden as well. If you are new to composting, reviewing these steps will help you get started. 1. Finding the right location This is important so it doesn't smell or attract pests. Find a level, shady spot somewhere on your property where you can spread the compost and turn it regularly. 2. Choosing the right compost bin Compost bins are available in many styles and sizes.

The easiest way to think about breaking down compost is to imagine that you have two separate piles of material, with a space in between. The goal is to get the pile up around 130 degrees, generate lots of good bacteria and fungi, and mix all of the material including the soil. To start the process, you want to layer three quarters or so of your load with green materials like grass clippings and kitchen scraps. Then you add 4-5 inches of wood chips over that.

Compost is great for planting, and needs a lot of work to break down into something that can be used in your garden. The key to breaking down compost in a worm bin is working it directly. There are many ways to do this, but by tossing feed pellets through the worms, you can create a way of breaking down the material that will digest quicker then if you simply moved it from one spot to another.

Worm composting is a simple, effective way to recycle your kitchen and garden waste, and to create nutrient-rich organic fertilizer that will keep your plants happy. Worms are easy to care for and work nonstop to give you the best compost around!

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