Help the Environment by Composting

Help the Environment by Composting Meme's Worms

Composting is a way for you to better care for your garden and do your part to take care of the environment. It is a responsible community effort, as well. Composting can be as simple as collecting scraps and discarding them into a compost pile outdoors. With regular turning, the material will break down and fertilize all types of soil. Compost also helps reduce landfill space as it takes up to one third less space than it did before it was composted. The finished compost can be used in flower beds and gardens to help increase soil fertility and water retention. 

Worm compost is the ultimate recycling, returning organic matter to the earth and eliminating the need for wasting resources such as plastic containers, paper, cardboard and garden waste. The worms will consume the food waste and "exhale" a rich compost tea packed with nutrients. The temperature in the composter never rises more than 40 degrees, which is ideal for the health of the worms. The black soldier fly larvae can penetrate even the most difficult-to-compost material, such as meat and fish scraps, dairy products, coffee grinds, and dead leaves. Use a small amount of water to activate the compost pile by adding moisture to enhance their ability to process your ingredients into prized worm castings.

Worm composting is the decomposition of organic materials by various species of worms in a compost bed enabling the production of vermicompost and sometimes also casting (vermicast). Benefits include reduction of garbage, which if included in home composting, can help protect the environment. New pre-consumer waste material supplies nutrients for the worms more quickly than the same amount of home produced green waste can supply them. This makes worm composting an efficient means to reduce garbage and increase soil fertility at the same time.

With proper decomposition, any organic waste can be converted into compost. Humans can benefit from using worm composting for the daily waste. Worms will create a nutrient-rich mixture, which will make your plants and flowers grow strong and vibrant.

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