Composting Helps Your Soil & Your Soul

Composting Helps Your Soil & Your Soul Meme's Worms

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We hope y'all had a great holiday and New Year! We have a great idea for you to start off the new year. 

Would you like to do your part and help reduce your emissions? We have an easy solution for you. Around 35% of American households regularly recycle their blue bin paper, plastic, and glass waste. But you can take it one step further and help our environment by adding a home composting system to your daily routine. Coffee grounds, eggshells, fruits, veggies, yard waste and grass clippings can all be diverted from your local landfill and recycled. Recycling one ton of organic waste can reduce the emission equivalent of taking one car off the road for two months. 

Need more reasons to start your own compost system? Well, check out these;

Composting Eases the Strain on Our Landfills

Plant waste in a landfill produces a ton of methane gas due to the fact that the trash layers bury the plant matter. This process creates an anaerobic airless environment which causes the plant matter to decay and produce this greenhouse gas. Methane gas is 21 times more potent than carbon dioxide. So, if you compost your vegetable and plant matter you minimize your landfills part in contributing to climate change. 

Composting Improves Our Soil 

Soil is not finite. We cannot just keep taking from it and not putting anything back. By putting back our vegetation and plant waste we help improve our soil. 

  • Composting also helps loosen heavy soils that are compacted. 
  • Composting helps trap and hold water in sandy soil. 
  • Compost basically acts like a sponge when it is mixed with soil. It holds water where the roots need it most so, it reduces the amount of irrigation your garden needs. 
  • Composting adds nutrients and is helpful in growing beneficial microorganisms, insects, and earthworms. It helps reduce erosion from wind and water holding moisture in the soil and encouraging healthy growth of roots. 

Starting your own home composting system is really pretty easy. It is just getting into a new habit. Remember how hard it was to start bringing your own bag into the grocery store? Well now we remember to bring the bags with us (most of the time) 

There are three ingredients in the composting process;

  • You need greens including food waste and grass clippings.
  • You need browns including leaves, branches, and twigs.
  • You need water, which helps break down these materials.

Just like worm bins, composters come in many different shapes, sizes, and materials; you can even make your own from leftover pallets, wood or chicken wire. An added bonus because you are repurposing materials

If you don’t have anywhere to compost or have no need for compost, you can join the over 80,000 folks on Share Waste.  They connect people who wish to recycle their kitchen scraps with their neighbors who are already composting, worm-farming or keep chickens. Now you can divert waste from your landfill while getting to know the people around you!

Do your part, healing the soil can heal your soul!

As usual, if you have any questions just let us know. Drop us a line or give us a call.

The Compost loving gal behind the post - Kris Moriarty- Blog writer for Meme’s Worms. Making our planet a greener place one garden at a time!

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