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March 23, 2021 1 min read



Red Wigglers are among the easiest types of worms to care for. These hearty creatures can tolerate a wide range of temperature from very cold to hot which makes them perfect for year-round composting. 

Red wiggler worms are favored for their ease of care and their ability to thrive in a closed system. These worms eat a wide variety of vegetables and other organic material, have excellent soil aeration properties, and will not attack plants. They do feast on compost, leaving behind castings that are 85% worm castings (versus 25% with nightcrawlers). When compared with nightcrawlers, red wigglers also maintain more consistent temperature ranges when stored indoors.

Raising Red Wigglers isn’t hard to do, although they are very small compared to most earthworms. They eat their food, which is called vermicomposting, out of a little tray or bin that they stay in whenever they aren’t eating. The worms then poop out the waste material and brown beads of cocoon string (made from the castings) will pile up at the bottom of your bin. This is also known as worm tea.

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